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Three Strange Reasons To AVOID Sugar-Free Foods

By Kevin DiDonato MS, CSCS, CES

By now, you’ve heard all the hype about sugar and how bad it is for your body.

How sugar is linked to bad oral health and cavities…

Weight gain…

How it raises your insulin levels, which could lead to chronic diseases…

And how this rise in insulin may cause a severe CRASH later, or how too much of it may cause diabetes!

So you do the next best thing and switch to SUGAR-FREE food products, which you would think is a normal transition for someone who is on a weight loss quest.

But, what you don’t know is that this choice would be WRONG!

In fact, having a small serving of sugar – one teaspoon of sugar here and there - may not be that bad for you, and more importantly, your weight loss goals.

Yes, sugar-free foods may be, in fact, sugar free…

They may be a perfect snack for someone who suffers from diabetes…

But for others – those interested in weight loss ALONE – sugar-free foods may not be the best snack option for you.

Sugar-Free and Weight Gain

Sugar-free products have gained popularity in weight loss circles because, well, they’re sugar-free.

In fact, it is almost as generic a weight loss/health term as low-fat, trans-fat free, fat–free, and in some cases, organic.

Most sugar-free products on the market today contain high levels of artificial sweeteners, which have problems of their own.

First, artificial sweeteners are much sweeter than regular table sugar.

This may cause your body to crave SUGARY and SWEET foods, which could easily railroad your weight loss.

And, not to mention, artificial sweeteners have been linked to cancer, diabetes, and obesity!

Secondly, just because something is sugar-free doesn’t make it CALORIE FREE.

And, because people assume sugar-free is CALORIE-FREE, they may consume MORE of it!

Nine times out of ten, if you look at the label of a sugar-free product, the calories are pretty close to the actual, full-sugar food.

So don’t be fooled into thinking you are eating fewer calories just because it says sugar-free, because chances are you’re not

Third, some sugar-free products contain sugar alcohol – in the forms of maltitol, sorbitol isomalt, and xylitol.

So what’s the deal with them?

Sugar alcohols are not really alcohol OR sugar.

In fact, their chemical structure resembles BOTH of them!

One positive: They are not completely absorbed by your body, which could make sharp increases in blood sugar a thing of the past.

And this may be one reason why they are marketed to diabetics – to help control blood sugar while enjoying their favorite treat!

But the problem with them is this: they may ferment in your intestines, which may cause bloating, gas, and other gastro-intestinal problems.

Some people also think that sugar alcohol doesn’t contain calories, which would be WRONG!

Although they typically are less than a gram of carbohydrates (4 calories per gram), they do add minimal calories (between two and three calories) to the food item in question.

YOUR Weight Loss and Sugar-Free Foods

Although sugar-free foods are marketed to diabetics and people with insulin problems (metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance), people looking to lose weight also commonly buy and EAT sugar-free foods with the intent to enjoy their favorite snack while increasing their ability to lose weight.

However, sugar-free foods - to the average person - may not be the smartest snack option for them.

Sugar-free foods may be full of artificial ingredients, such as sweeteners and fillers, which could stimulate your appetite for sweeter foods.

And this could spike not only your cravings, but your weight as well.

So before you reach for your favorite sugar-free snack – thinking you’re choosing a better option – remember these tips on sugar-free foods and how they may cause weight gain, obesity, and diabetes.

And how they could prevent weight loss – and more importantly - you getting the trim, sexy, and lean body you’ve been dreaming of.

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