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Before You Take Another Sip Of This Liquid Read This

By Kevin DiDonato MS, CSCS, CES

There’s a secret that the BIG food companies don’t want you to know…

And this secret could be the difference between you gaining weight – mostly FAT – and your ability to LOSE FAT and overall weight.

Now, this is one that they don’t want you to know about.

But thanks to some breakthrough research – and some investigative reporting –their secret has been exposed!

The sad fact: YOU are the one who is being affected by their secret…

Not only are you lining their greedy pockets with YOUR hard-earned money, but they may be stealing little bits of your most valuable possession – your health.

Now, before you sit back and throw your hands in the air (which you should be), let me tell you exactly what the BIG food industry is doing to steal years away from your life…

Fructose-Based Drinks

Okay, here’s the secret they have been hiding for years

Fructose-based drinks – like soda and sugar-sweetened beverages – may only be ONE cause of the explosion in overweight and obese individuals.


Products that contain high-fructose corn syrup (that’s right the dreaded HFCS) – may be one reason why you are still HUNGRY after you drink a soda with a meal.

Have you noticed how fructose-based drinks (soda) make you feel?

You may feel bloated after you drink one…

You could feel the need to EAT more, causing you to unbutton your pants after your meal…

And with all those extra calories that you consume with a soda, well, you may feel OVERFED, stuffed, and just plain awful!

Now granted, they may taste great – which is the job of the HFCS – but what they do to your health may be less impressive to you when you take your next sip.

Okay, here is the boring stuff…

Fructose-based beverages have been linked to - wait for it - increased risk for heart disease…

Insulin resistance…

Weight gain, mostly FAT gain (especially in nasty, disease causing visceral fat)…

And now, it may even INCREASE your appetite!

Which means (oh no) you could be hungrier, which may lead to you eating more and overeating.

Not good if your goal is to lose weight!

What you may be asking yourself is how does this happen?

Well, let me tell you…

Fructose-based drinks cause your body to release LESS hormones that make you satisfied after a meal, which could make you want to eat more.

Plus, they trigger an area of your brain responsible for increasing your appetite, and that may make you want to eat EVEN MORE

All this for one lousy drink!

What to do NOW

Okay, if you haven’t, then the first step is to quit drinking soda and sugar-sweetened beverages.

You should immediately switch to drinking water, which can fill you up, hydrate you better, and leave you feeling refreshed  (even your skin will look healthier and younger!).

If you can’t stand the bland taste of water, then try some fruit flavored water, which will do the same things as above, but will be better tasting to your palate.

So, for even better fat loss - and improvements in your health - considering making the switch today!


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