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Ditch These 3 NASTY Habits To Slim You Waistline

By Kevin DiDonato MS, CSCS, CES

There are many, many ways in which you can lose weight.

The right diet is one…

Exercising is another…

And another may be taking the right supplements to support not only healthy weight loss, but general overall health as well.

However, there is just one problem…

All the weight loss tricks, tips, advice, programs, diets, and so on and so forth, well, they may not work for everyone.

You see, you’re all unique.

What worked for one person may not work for you, and vice versa.

Now, I am not here to tell you that you’re wrong, that all the common sense weight loss strategies will work for you.

Maybe in a fairy-tale land, this would be true.  But this is reality…

And reality proves the above statement: not everything will work for everyone.

But what I do want to share with you today is what has worked for other people; and how their experience may motivate you to find what’s RIGHT for you when it comes to weight loss!

Three Ways People Shed the Weight

Again, there are many different ways that people can lose weight.

Take the Biggest Loser, for example.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of people tune in each week, some for amusement, some for motivation.

Many of them take the exercises and, in turn, modify them to see if that might help promote greater weight loss.

Or some tune into Dr. Oz for his latest breakthrough, “guaranteed to help you lose weight!”

But what you may find is that it simply doesn’t work for YOU!

And that may make you upset, mad, frustrated, or enter in your favorite hostile emotion.

Now, these three tips, although they may not work for you, have helped thousands of people lose weight AND keep the weight off.

If you follow one, or all of them, then you may find that some of them work for you, helping you to break through your weight loss barrier.

What are they?

1. Avoid Liquid Calories

Now, you may be thinking of sugar-sweetened beverages and juices – and you would be partly right.

What I’m really talking about is happy-hour beverages – or adult beverages – that do nothing for your weight loss.

If you’re enjoying the happy hour more than once a week, then you may be doing some serious damage to your weight loss.

Alcoholic beverages – similar to sugar-sweetened beverages – contain plenty of sugars and worthless calories.

By drinking more than two in a sitting, you may be adding upwards of 200 to 400 calories.

Add that up over three or four nights, and you have anywhere between 600 and 1200 extra calories that are unaccounted for.

Limit your happy hour visits to one time per week, and only have one.

If you feel left out, order a glass of water with lime and have it served in a drink glass.  This will save you from added calories and keep your weight loss on track

2. Ditch This NASTY Habit

If there was ONE thing you would need to cut out, then this would be it!

You need to quit the fast-food habit.

Fast food may be cheap and easy, but that time you just saved may mean a lifetime of fat on your abs, thighs, and butt.

Here are some highlights of fast food:

Way too much sodium…

Loads of fat and sugar…

Enough calories to last all day…

And processed breads and flours round out the number one habit you need to quit.

If you need to, wake up a few minutes earlier and prepare a healthy breakfast and lunch.  The time you save may mean better overall chances for increasing your weight loss.

3. Indulge – Just a Little Bit

Have you ever been sitting at your desk just dreaming about that piece of cake, piece of chocolate, or that savory junk food treat?

Then you know first-hand how tough cravings can be!

Some people –who have lost the weight and kept it off – indulged just a little bit, which saved them from a day full of cravings.

And this may prevent you from overindulging – and feeling guilty afterwards – and packing on the extra weight.

Take Home Message

Although not everyone will succeed with all the different weight loss tips and advice, many people WILL!

If you follow a healthy diet, exercise, de-stress, and supplement your diet, chances are you may be more successful with your weight loss goals.

And, avoiding these common pitfalls may slash your calories and enable your body to burn even greater amounts of FAT than ever before!